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Controlling Asthma in Schools Effectively (CASE) Program

CASE began as a partnership of the Community Asthma Programs of Hasbro Children's Hospital and the Providence School Department, called the Providence School Asthma Partnership and was formed to improve the health and quality of life of children with asthma through education, management support and advocacy.

CASE has expanded to include collaborations with schools within other districts in the greater Providence area including Pawtucket, Central Falls, Woonsocket, Cranston and Warwick. CASE is funded by the RI Department of Health and involves asthma management education for children, caregivers, and school staff. 

Our Goals

The primary goal of CASE is to ensure that children with asthma begin each school day ready to learn by:

  • Decreasing the impact of asthma on everyday life
  • Reducing the number of school days missed due to asthma
  • Decreasing visits to the emergency room and overnight hospital stays for asthma
  • Improving child, family, and school staff knowledge and confidence in managing asthma so that they can take effective action towards controlling asthma

What CASE Includes

Our programs include:

  • Innovative, interactive and culturally appropriate asthma education workshops for parents and their children; classes are offered in English and Spanish and are held in different participating elementary schools.
  • Novel curriculum tailored to parents and their children with asthma.
  • During the class, medical equipment for home asthma control is explained through demonstration; families receive free spacers; food and transportation (if needed) are also provided.
  • Training for school nurses and staff to increase understanding of asthma and its treatment.
  • A diverse, multi-disciplinary staff dedicated to providing quality services to families with asthma.

Contact Us

 For more information, please contact us at 401-444-8340

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