General Information

Miriam Emergency DepartmentFood and Liquids

Please do not eat or drink anything in the emergency department until you have been evaluated by a doctor. This allows tests and treatments in the emergency department to be done safely and accurately.

If you have a medical condition that requires you to eat or drink liquids, or if the emergency department physician determines that you are able to eat or take liquids, please advise us of any special dietary requests or needs you have.


To provide a comfortable and safe environment in the emergency department, we ask that you limit the number of visitors to two at a time. This is necessary to ensure your privacy, as well as the privacy of other patients in the emergency department.

Personal Items

Please have a family member take home money, jewelry, home medications and other valuables. Unnecessary items should also be taken home.


Telephones in the emergency department are provided upon request. You may also use the phone located in the waiting room. Cell phone use is permitted with reception. We ask that you set your phone to quiet and refrain from use during interactions with medical professionals and care providers. Due to privacy, no photos or video may be taken in the emergency department.