Your Visit to The Miriam Hospital Emergency Department

Miriam Emergency Department staffUnexpected visits to the hospital can be very stressful. However, we hope you take comfort in the fact that you or your loved one are being cared for by an expert team of medical professionals and care providers whose mission is to provide the best possible emergency medical care to all of our patients.

We understand that you may be anxious or in pain. Each member of our team will work hard to ensure that your experience in the emergency department is a positive one.

We strive to create an environment that is comfortable and will work hard to address your concerns and provide the best possible care. Should you have a concern about the care you receive, please contact us.

Contact Person

We hope you will understand that privacy and confidentiality laws do not permit us to give patient information over the phone without the patient's permission.

We understand that families want as much information as possible about their loved one and we have found that the best way to ensure that everyone is informed is to designate one contact person. Our emergency department staff will update the contact person, who then may pass information to family and friends.


Miriam Emergency Department Doctor PatientAfter being evaluated by an emergency department physician you or your loved one will either be admitted to the hospital or treated and discharged home. Due to the unpredictable nature of emergency care, scheduling can change quickly in the emergency department, so it may be difficult for us to tell you how soon your test or procedure will take place. Please be assured that we will communicate with you regularly and will provide answers to you questions as quickly and accurately as possible.

Please note that you may not be able to drive yourself home if you have been given certain medications. You may need to arrange for a ride.

If you are admitted to the hospital you will be transferred to an inpatient unit as soon as possible.


We want you to know that we use a triage system rather than a first-come, first-served system when patients enter the emergency department. Some patients arrive at the emergency department seriously ill or severely injured and need to be treated immediately. The triage system ensures that people whose condition is life threatening receive care immediately. The triage nurse will ask about your symptoms, your medical problems, and might take your temperature, pulse and blood pressure. If the triage nurse determines that your condition is not immediately life threatening, you will be brought to the appropriate area of care within the emergency department, as soon as possible.

We understand that you or your family member may be uncomfortable while you wait and we appreciate your patience.

You may receive a survey in the mail after your visit. Please complete this survey so we may continue to improve the care we provide.