Emergency Services at Newport Hospital

Emergency Services in Newport, Rhode Island

The Newport Hospital Emergency Department sees patients of all ages, and is staffed and equipped to handle all emergencies with a broad range of specialist availability.  Learn more about what to expect during your visit to the emergency department »

When you have a medical emergency, you want immediate professional care. Newport Hospital's emergency department (ED) is open and staffed 24 hours a day, every day of the year, so we're here whenever you need us.

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Contact Newport Hospital Emergency Department

Newport Hospital Emergency Department is located at 20 Powel Avenue, Newport, RI 02840. To contact the Emergency Department call 401-846-6400.

The ED at Newport Hospital handles about 33,000 patient visits each year, both for minor problems and to treat acutely ill or injured patients. The recently renovated ED has 29 beds, including a 4-bed behavioral health pod, and capacity for about 40,000 patient visits annually. The renovated space will reduce patient waiting times and provide more comfort and privacy for patients. 

As always, the ED has a full staff of emergency medicine physicians, physician assistants, and specially trained nurses to triage and provide care.

About the Emergency Department

We know that a visit to the emergency department can be stressful. Minutes seem like hours when you are uncomfortable and anxious. We want you to know that we use a sorting system called triage, not a first-come/first-served order, to treat patients in the emergency department.

This sorting process ensures that patients with the most serious injuries and conditions are treated first. For example, if a patient arrives with chest pain, he or she is treated before a patient who arrived earlier but has a swollen ankle. Heart attacks have priority over ear aches, and complicated fractures are treated before small cuts. During triage, we will assess you to determine what level of care you need on a scale of 1 through 5. We make every effort to connect you with a physician or care provider as quickly as possible.

Learn What to expect in the emergency department >>

Ask Questions

Our goal is to be clear and understandable to you regarding your care. We hope that you never hesitate to ask us questions during your treatment, when you're preparing to leave, or even after you have returned to your home. If you do not speak English or have a condition that limits your hearing or speech, we will provide an interpreter for you.

If you need additional assistance after leaving the emergency department, please let us know. We can help you make arrangements for home health care or rehabilitation services if you need them.

If a question or problem arises after you are discharged, please call us at 401-846-6400. We welcome your questions and are here to help.

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