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Physicians develop their clinical and counseling skills while in medical school and residency, which is why encouraging physicians-in-training to become policy advocates helps to ensure that laws and policies designed to prevent injuries are effective and in line with the current state of medical knowledge.

Education Projects at the Injury Prevention Center

Educators of Policymakers

The Injury Prevention Center's director and staff have provided technical testimony at state committee hearings and have worked with legislators to develop bills for injury prevention initiatives in Rhode Island. Injury Prevention Center staff members serve on committees, regularly attend meetings organized by state agencies and provide input on the legislative agenda. Injury Prevention Center staff members also work with Brown Medical School students and residents to expose them to the legislative process and emphasize the importance of legislative involvement for the medical profession. State and federal government agencies have asked the staff to speak at press conferences and provide information to the media on injury-specific topics.

Injury Prevention Center Fellowship

The IPC developed and jointly manages, with the Department of Emergency Medicine, a non-ACGME fellowship for a physician graduating from any approved emergency medicine residency or pediatric residency. A total of 2 fellows (1 fellow in each year) are trained under a two-year curriculum. The overall goal of the fellowship is to produce an individual who is clinically proficient in the practice of injury prevention, competent in teaching injury prevention, capable in the performance of research, and familiar with administrative issues of research and program management.

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Injury Prevention in Pediatric Residency

Hasbro Children’s Hospital pediatric interns spend one half day during their advocacy rotation at the Injury Prevention Center. During this session the interns learn about the importance of including injury prevention in their anticipatory guidance with an emphasis on child passenger safety. The interns are given the opportunity for hands-on practice with car seats. 

4-Safety Internships for College Students

The Injury Prevention Center’s 4-Safety Program works with local undergraduate students for course credit. Interns work with the 4-Safety team in developing new safety topics as well as attending community events. Students have the opportunity to see how research and innovation is applied to real world applications.

For more information, email the 4-Safety Program at [email protected].