Lawrence A. Aubin, Sr. Child Protection Center

Advocacy and Prevention Program

The Advocacy and Prevention Program was formalized in 2023 in response to the critical need for a hospital and community-based prevention and intervention program. 

The program is managed by a child life specialist and staffed by victim advocates and dedicated volunteers. The Aubin Center provides in-person advocacy for children and adolescents during their medical evaluation, and continued support during any subsequent investigative and criminal justice process. Additionally, the program offers peer-support groups and prevention programming for youth at risk of involvement in domestic minor sex trafficking.

The Backpack Program

While our hope is that every child lives in a safe and secure home, that is unfortunately not always the case for all the children we serve. Due to a variety of circumstances, including child maltreatment, some children are unable to return home. 

Since 2010, the Aubin Center has offered these children a backpack, filled with personal hygiene items, clothing, an age-appropriate toy and pajamas, to take with them into foster care, or alternative housing.

In 2022, we took our Backpack and Clothing Project to a new level, by creating a “mini-shopping mall” for children to visit during their Aubin Center evaluation. Children going into placement can now shop in our mini mall, pick out their own clothing, backpack, and stock their bags with blankets, sheets, toys, hygiene items, and more. This empowers children and allows them to take an active role in the transition to foster care. We look forward to the continued growth of this program in the future. 

Cali’s Community Cupboard

Cali’s Community Cupboard is committed to raising awareness and fighting food insecurity within our community. Our humble cupboard offers patients and families immediate access to non-perishable food items and personal hygiene essentials, along with guidance on accessing other larger local pantries and resources.

Child Abuse Prevention Month

Every April, our team collaborates with the community and Hasbro Children’s Hospital to raise awareness and to support prevention efforts.