Lawrence A. Aubin, Sr. Child Protection Center

Lawrence A. Aubin, Sr. Child Protection Resources

Resources for Patients and Families

How to Support/Prepare Your Child

If you would like some guidance on how to best support and prepare your child for this evaluation in an age- and developmentally-appropriate way, please contact our child life specialist, Meg Fitzgerald, CCLS, at 401-444-8990 or [email protected].

If you have any medical questions, please contact the Aubin Center’s main line at 401-444-3996.

Resources for Community Providers

The Aubin Center offers:

  • Telephone consultations 24 hours a day to support community physicians, mental health providers, child protective services, police, emergency departments and schools.
  • Lectures and presentations by staff to both medical and community organizations regarding the assessment and care of children experiencing child maltreatment.
  • Individualized referrals to mental health services in the community.
  • Peer-support groups and prevention programming for youth at risk. 

For more information about peer-support groups and prevention programming, please contact Meg Fitzgerald at 401-444-8990.

For more information about referrals, telephone consultations, and lectures and presentations, please call 401-444-3966.