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The headline of a recent Boston Globe article featuring the collaboration between the Lifespan Cancer Institute and the Cancer Center at Brown University, posed the question, “Could Rhode Island become the next cancer research hub?”

We are working to make that a reality. Under the leadership of David Wazer, MD, director of the Lifespan Cancer Institute, participation in clinical trials increased 260% from 2015 through 2019, and has included a greater percentage of people of color. An example of the depth and breadth of the clinical research activity at the Lifespan Cancer Institute is the work of Howard P. Safran, MD, Lifespan’s chief of hematology/oncology and his team. They have discovered several of the most successful chemotherapy protocols that have set a standard of care worldwide.

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The Boston Globe Cites Rhode Island as Next Cancer Research Hub

The Lifespan Cancer Institute is on track to be destination of choice for quality patient care.

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In our exploration of the next frontier of cancer research, we have recruited Stephanie Graff, MD, nationally acclaimed breast cancer expert and our director of breast oncology. An advocate for her patients and cancer research, Dr. Graff is one of our forward-thinking professionals committed to Lifespan’s high quality, innovative care and service to patients.

Dr. Abbas El-Sayad Abbas, an internationally esteemed surgeon, joined the Lifespan Cancer Institute as chief of thoracic oncology. Dr. Abbas will offer treatments for mediastinal, esophageal, and lung diseases, using a robotic surgical system and minimally invasive procedures that have the advantage of reduced pain and bleeding, minimal scarring, and fewer complications.

The Lifespan Cancer Institute and the Cancer Center at Brown University are poised to lead in cancer care and research. Our goal is to achieve a National Cancer Institute designation, the highest federal rating a cancer center can achieve. As Dr. Graff stated to The Boston Globe, “Instead of people from Rhode Island getting a second opinion in Boston, people from Boston will be coming to get their second opinion in Providence.” 

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Research and Clinical Trials

Research and Clinical Trials

Lifespan Cancer Institute provides the latest protocols and access to groundbreaking immuno- therapies and emerging cancer treatments. 

Our physicians actively participate in the Brown University Oncology Group, a unique regional clinical trials network that provides highly innovative approaches to cancer care.

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