Minimally Invasive Surgery

Preceptor Program in Minimally Invasive Surgery

The Brown University Medical School Division of Minimally Invasive Surgery provides preceptoring to surgeons in a variety of minimally invasive procedures. These procedures include, but are not limited to laparoscopic cholecystectomy, common duct exploration, appendectomy, colectomy, fundoplication, adrenalectomy, splenectomy, spine surgery, bladder suspension, hysterectomy presacral neurectomy, pelvic lymph node dissection and salpinpingo-opharectomy.

These procedures can be preceptored on-site at the surgeon's facility or by telepreceptoring, in which the preceptor assists the surgeon remotely via telesurgery. It is important to remember that the function of preceptoring is to provide surgeons with the clinical experience the preceptor has obtained and to help provide for a safe and effective procedure for the patient.  

Surgeons wishing to utilize this service must meet the requirements of the program. Scheduling can be done by contacting the Division of Minimally Invasive Surgery at 401-553-8310.

Requirements for on-site preceptoring

Requirements for telepreceptoring

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