Kidney CancerThe affected area is completely removed, sometimes along with a small portion of surrounding healthy tissue (to ensure that the entire affected area is removed). The goal is usually to restore normal functioning.

For example, in cases of colon cancer, large bowel or colon resection removes the diseased area of the colon.

Liver resection is the removal of a portion of the liver. This is often necessary when colorectal cancer has spread to the liver. Up to half of the liver can be removed as long as the remaining portion is healthy.

Gastric resection is a type of weight loss surgery that treats morbid obesity. Gastric resection is a procedure where approximately 70 percent of the stomach is removed. This is usually performed as the first stage of a two-step surgical approach to weight loss. After gastric resection and a few months of weight loss and improvements in various medical conditions, a second surgery, such as gastric bypass, helps the patient reach his goal weight.

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