Pediatric Heart Center Patient Stories

The team at the Pediatric Heart Center has treated thousands of children over the years. Three families share their stories of overcoming a variety of cardiac issues with the help of our team.

Jerry and Mona Romain


Jerry’s enthusiasm for his friends and hobbies are unhindered, a testimonial for the precise diagnosis and treatment of an underlying congenital heart condition.

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Alyssa and Deb Brouillard


"Nine years ago I would never have believed that my daughter would be as beautiful and as brilliant as she is."

-Debbie Brouillard

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Danica Aguiar


"Dr. Feit has stressed the importance of encouraging Danica to be a normal kid and not asking her to hold back. His advice has given me the courage to let her discover and test her limits, to not be afraid for her." 

- Nancy Aguiar

Danica's Story »


"Getting the chance to be an advocate for all the kids with heart defects is something she loves to do."

- Stephanie Rastelli

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Katie Oduyingbo


“I always felt I was in good hands right from the start."

- Katie Oduyingbo

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