Pediatric Heart Center
Hasbro Children's Hospital

The Lipid Clinic

The Pediatric Heart Center offers a clinic for the evaluation and treatment of patients who have hyperlipidemia. Our lipid clinic takes a multidisciplinary approach to management and understands the central role of partnering with the family when designing individual treatment plans. All the clinic's services are available at one convenient location.

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Contact the Lipid Clinic

To refer a patient or to learn more about the Lipid Clinic, please call 401-444-4612.

The focus of the Lipid Clinic is inherited (familial) hyperlipidemia. We have an experienced nutritionist and exercise physiologist on our team to provide nutrition and exercise prescriptions for each patient. There is also an on-site laboratory for blood work, when necessary.

Pediatric cardiologists James Ziegler, MD, and Sara Ford, MD, collaborate with Pediatric Heart Center staff to accommodate families and design individual treatment plans for each patient.