Plastic Surgery

Reconstructive Surgery

Abnormalities of the face, breast, trunk or extremities can be skillfully reconstructed using the latest and most advanced techniques. These lumps and bumps may arise in different areas and can range in various conditions such as skin tags, cysts or masses. Whether these abnormalities are related to cancer or have appeared due to another reason, our team is here to help.

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We take a collaborative and multidisciplinary approach to each case, working with colleagues throughout the hospital, from oncologists to psychologists, to best serve each patient’s individual needs.

Our surgeons have broad expertise in correcting defects created after cancer surgery, or when accidents and trauma disrupt normal appearance. 

Reconstructive Microsurgery

Rhode Island Hospital’s department of plastic surgery now offers the state’s only specialty in reconstructive microsurgery, the complex and exacting procedure of reattaching tiny vessels to reestablish blood flow and nerve transmission to damaged or transplanted tissue.

Microsurgery allows life-changing anatomical reconstruction for patients who choose gender reassignment surgery or who have undergone trauma, cancer treatments, burns and other causes of physical defects.

Led by Daniel Kwan, MD, an experienced microvascular reconstructive surgeon, our team of plastic surgeons is committed to bringing the incredible benefits of this rapidly growing field to patients in our region.

Microsurgery Breast Reconstruction

Many women who have undergone mastectomy or lumpectomy choose to undergo breast reconstruction. The use of a patient’s own tissue, referred to as autologous tissue reconstruction, is an ideal option for many women.  

The use of a patient’s own tissue – referred to as “flaps” – can produce a more natural looking breast when compared to implants. Also, reconstructive surgery is a more permanent solution, while implants may require replacement in the future.

Our surgeons have several options for breast reconstruction using natural tissue. The tissue can be removed from the abdomen, back, thighs or buttocks.

Breast reconstruction surgery can be performed immediately at the time of a mastectomy or delayed until after oncologic therapies, depending on each patient’s personalized treatment plan.

Burn and Wound Care

We are able to provide wound care services within our office, including tissue closures and other non-emergency care. Visit Lifespan Wound Care Centers for other wound care issues

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