Transplant Center
Rhode Island Hospital

Living Kidney Donor Evaluation Process

There are several steps a potential donor must take in order to become a living kidney donor. Below is an outline of the kidney donation process for donors. A potential donor may be found to be ineligible at any point in this process.

  1. Fitting the donor profile
  2. Weighing advantages and risks of donation
  3. Making the decision to donate
  4. Testing to determine eligibility
  5. Forwarding a current medical history and physical exam results to the kidney transplant office
  6. Blood test to determine a matching blood type
    (Options if blood type does not match)
  7. HLA (Human Leukocyte Antigen) and first crossmatch
  8. Narrowing down potential donors
  9. Appointment with transplant nurses and social worker
    (Opportunity to ask questions, sign a medical release form, get a laboratory requisition form, make appointment with nephrologist, urine test, second blood test)
  10. First appointment with nephrologist
    (Review test results and medical records, get list of remaining tests and a timeline to complete them)
  11. Completing remaining tests
    Two 24-hour urine collections
    Renal ultrasound
    Chest x-ray
    PAP smear (if applicable)
    Mammogram (if applicable)
  12. Second appointment with nephrologist
    (Review test results and discuss eligibility)
  13. Scheduling the transplant surgery
  14. CT scan of kidneys
  15. Final crossmatch
    (Verify that donor-recipient compatibility has not changed)
  16. Appointment for pre-admission testing
    (Review records and verify all testing has been completed, get instructions about surgery)
  17. Appointment at transplant center
    (Meet the surgeon, discuss surgery, and sign surgical consent form. Meet transplant nurse, review pre- and post-surgery process)
  18. Reporting for surgery
  19. Surgery
    (May be traditional or laparoscopic)
  20. Recovering in the hospital
  21. Going home after surgery
    (Post-surgical care and follow-up visits)

If you are interested in becoming a donor or you have any questions regarding our program please call 401-444-8562 or 1-888-444-0102.