Transplant Center
Rhode Island Hospital

Our Services at the Transplant Center

Comprehensive services in a patient-friendly environment

When it comes to transplantation, access is critical. The last thing a patient undergoing major organ transplantation wants is to be lost in the shuffle of a difficult-to-reach or impersonal urban hospital. Post-operative care for kidney transplant is an intensive proposition typically involving at least eight patient visits in the first six months, with as many as three to six return visits for every year thereafter.

African American couple speaking with a female doctor.
Founded in 1997, the Transplant Center at Rhode Island Hospital has become recognized as one of the most advanced in New England, with a success rate and a standard of patient care second to none.

The convenience of local health care offers a better opportunity for evaluation, listing and post-transplant care. Additionally, coordinating care with other health care professionals involved in your medical care (primary care physician, nephrologists, endocrinologist, podiatrist and others) is simplified in your local environment.

Rhode Island Hospital, the principal teaching hospital of The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown Medical School, is easily reached from anywhere in southern New England. Patients here enjoy the best of both worlds; they are remembered as individuals while being treated according to the highest standards in the country.

We offer a close-knit environment like that of a community hospital, but at the same time we are backed by all the supporting services that come with being one of the highest volume medical centers in New England. We offer an easy, quick flow from initial consultations through every step of follow-up scheduling.

The most fundamental requirement of a renal transplantation program is reliable access to donor organs. Rhode Island Hospital consistently ranks in the top three among 14 renal transplantation centers in New England in recovery of kidneys and other organs for transplantation from deceased donors.