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Clinical Advancement Program at The Miriam Hospital

The Clinical Advancement Program

Clinical Mentors and Clinical Scholars at the Clinical Advancement Ceremony at The Miriam Hospital on March 13, 2019.
A group of Clinical Mentors and Clinical Scholars celebrate at a Clinical Advancement Ceremony

The Clinical Advancement Program is a way for our staff to grow professionally and be recognized for their accomplishments. The goals of our program:

  • Recognize the high level of professionalism, leadership and clinical competence
  • Provide a framework for nurses to experience greater autonomy, clinical decision-making and professional independence
  • Provide recognition and advancement for those direct nurses who excel in applying evidence-based research and practice in order to achieve positive outcomes

The program is based on Patricia Benner's model of care: From Novice to Expert. The Clinical Advancement Program has two advancement levels: clinical mentor and clinical scholar.

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