General and Gastrointestinal Surgery


Sutures Reduce Side Effects

Rhode Island Hospital became the first hospital to simplify surgery for gastroesophageal reflux disease by eliminating the need to tie knots to close sutures. The technology, called the AxyaWeld Laparoscopic Sonic J™ System, uses ultrasonic energy to weld sutures together.

The new technology was first used by former hospital president and surgeon Joseph Amaral, MD. The surgery usually requires4 to 7sutures. Considerable skill is needed to tie each knot during minimally invasive surgery; on average it takes three minutes to tie a knot. The new technology, says Amaral, "simplifies the complicated process and results in a strong knot."

The suture welding technology, which can be used in open as well as minimally invasive procedures, also eliminates the knot bundle.

"Overall the process saves time and reduces stress for the surgeon with a result that is equal to or better than conventional knot tying in terms of the knot strength." Amaral says.

Reflux Disease