General and Gastrointestinal Surgery

About Surgical Drains

During the operation, a drain may have been left at the surgical site. This is to drain fluid that accumulates for the first few days after surgery. Fluid that is not drained will form a collection known as a seroma. Seromas present as painful swelling of the incisional area that may be slightly red. The treatment is aspiration in the office. If you develop a seroma, call the office.

Drain care

The drain itself is easy to manage. It has a bulb at the end with a flip tap to open it. At least once a day, or when the bulb is full , open the flip tab and empty it into a measuring container. It is important to note how much drainage there is each day so we can determine when to remove it. When you are done emptying it, simply squeeze the bulb and replace the flip top.  This creates a gentle suction that drains fluid from the wound.