Pelvic Floor Disorders
Women's Medicine Collaborative

The Pelvic Pain Program: What to Expect


You will be receiving a welcome packet in the mail (also available online). The information requested is important for your care, so we appreciate you taking the time to complete all the paperwork. Please bring the completed forms with you to your appointment.

If you would like help completing the paperwork, we are happy to provide assistance. Please let us know when you schedule your appointment.

Your First Visit

Patients with pelvic pain often have a complicated history. Therefore, we set aside one hour for the initial visit. Expect your first visit to be focused on your pain history. Your second visit will include a physical exam and discussion of a plan of care.

Pain Medication

A common question patients have is: “Will I get pain medication?”

We can discuss the role of prescription pain medication at your visit. However, we will not prescribe pain medication at the first visit.

Our experience, and that of other experts, is that long-term pain medication does not address the underlying problem nor does it improve quality of life. For those patients who have been taking prescription pain medication regularly, our objective is to taper off of chronic opioid pain medication. The pace will be set by you and your provider. As long as you are successfully tapering off the medication, the Pelvic Pain Program will provide you with pain medication. However, if at some time you are unable to wean further, you will need to transfer your opioid prescription medication elsewhere.

Program Goal

Our goal is to evaluate your symptoms, establish a personalized treatment plan, and monitor its effectiveness. We will be available to you and your health care providers to address questions and concerns that may arise. For symptoms that require referral to another specialist, we are available to make recommendations.

We understand that it can be difficult and frustrating to live with chronic pain. Although we will work as quickly as we can to help you, pain can be complex and difficult to treat. This is truly a partnership between you and your providers and may require some trial and error to find the right plan for you. We look forward to caring for you and helping to ease or eliminate your pain.


Patients calling for an appointment need a referral from their gynecologist or primary care provider.

For additional information or to schedule an appointment, please call 401-606-3000.