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For Carl, Visits to The Miriam were Red-Letter Days

Carl Neal Grateful Patient

In 2023, Carl Neal found himself at The Miriam Hospital not once, but twice; he underwent separate catheterizations on each leg for peripheral artery disease, which were performed by Omar N. Hyder, MD, Director of Vascular Imagining at the Lifespan Cardiovascular Institute. 

The 80-year-old from Wickford, Rhode Island, admits he had a “certain amount of anxiety” prior to each visit, as any patient facing a procedure would. But his feelings afterwards were all positive, and his praise for his care team effusive.

“From the check-in desk to the prep unit, to and from the Cath lab to the PCU room ... on each visit, everyone was warm and caring for both me and my wife,” he explains. We have both spent enough time in hospitals and medical care to note that your teams of people at Miriam are special. “Everyone, without exception, was outstanding! We are very lucky to once again experience the exceptional care that The Miriam and its staff gives to patients and their families.”

Like an ever-growing number of patients, Carl was so impressed with his hospital visits that he sent a letter of thanks to Maria P. Ducharme, DNP, RN, President of The Miriam Hospital and System Chief Quality Officer. In it, he applauded The Miriam’s world-class care and credited the hospital’s doctors and staff with improving his mobility and enhancing his quality of life. “I am now walking again with no pain,” he noted.

Carl also gave a number of “shout-outs” in his letter. He highlighted the work of nurse Deb Walton and physician assistant Liz Moller-Flammini, as well as office assistant Patrice Lund, who he credits with handling the outstanding coordination and scheduling for his surgical team and others.

“They were very sensitive, responsive, spending time explaining things with warm consideration and patience, offering comfort, and—rare in today's world—really paid attention to my situation, my concerns, and my comfort,” Carl wrote. “All with a calming and appreciated sense of humor!”

In fact, he was so moved by Deb and Liz’s particular efforts, Carl nominated each for a DAISY Award, which is a recognition of nurses’ clinical expertise and extraordinary compassionate care. 

Of course, if he could, Carl would likely nominate everyone at The Miriam for an award. “At our age, my wife Pam and I have spent enough time in numerous hospitals and medical care to note that all the teams at The Miriam Hospital are special in delivering outstanding care.”  

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