Spiritual Care at Lifespan Hospitals

Our Chapels

There are chapels or meditation rooms on the grounds of each hospital we serve. They are maintained as spaces for meditation, prayer, and quiet reflection. Staff, patients, and family members are invited to spend time in our chapels any time during the day or night. 

Occasionally, members of our community wish to use our chapels as spaces for special services such as memorials, prayer services, or other events. If you wish to speak with the chaplain’s office about using one of our chapels, please contact the spiritual care office for that hospital.

Stained glass window at the Chapel of Hope, Rhode Island Hospital

The Chapel of Hope

Rhode Island Hospital

The Chapel of Hope is located next to the main lobby of Rhode Island hospital next to the executive offices’ suite. 

Stained glass art at Hasbro Chapel, Hasbro Children's Hospital

Hasbro Chapel

Hasbro Children's Hospital

The Hasbro Chapel is located on the first floor of Hasbro Children’s Hospital across from the main elevator.

Inside the Weinstein Chape at The Miriam Hospital

The Weinstein Chapel

The Miriam Hospital

The William Philip Weinstein and Carlyn Weinstein Summer Chapel is located on the first floor of The Miriam Hospital. From the main entrance, bear to the left and look for the sign across from the Emergency Department.

Inside the Newport Hospital meditation room

The Newport Hospital Meditation Room

The Newport Hospital

The Newport Hospital Meditation Room is located in the hallway behind the main lobby near the finance offices and Women’s Health Services.