Lifespan Interpreter Services

Lifespan Interpreter Services

We're Here to Help You Communicate

Our caring, highly skilled interpreters provide services to our non-English speaking and deaf or hard of hearing patients. Lifespan facilities typically have interpreters on duty, who speak Spanish, as well as interpreters who speak Cape Verdean Creole, Portuguese, Russian, other languages, and American Sign Language. Our mission is to facilitate communication in many languages to deliver health with care to all our patients.

Lifespan facilities have access to other services that offer in-person interpreters in many languages, video remote interpreting, and telephone interpreter services in over 150 languages.

Interpreter with a patient

Requesting Interpreter Services

All patients have the right to use an interpreter at no cost.

To request interpreter services, please call:

Rhode Island Hospital: 401-444-8708

The Miriam Hospital: 401-793-7811

Bradley Hospital: 401-432-1535

Newport Hospital: 401-793-7811

For all American Sign Language requests: 401-444-4001

Lifespan's Team of Interpreters

Our interpreter team represents multiple countries of origin, speaking a variety of languages. The team has many years of combined experience in assisting patients in a medical setting.

Our trained interpreters offer expert knowledge of medical terminology as well as cultures, dialects, and expressions. We will help you communicate effectively with our clinical staff to ensure that you receive the best possible medical care.

Designated Bilingual Clinicians

Several members of the hospital's clinical team have passed rigorous testing to become designated as bilingual clinicians. Qualified clinicians who pass a proficiency assessment are allowed to communicate with their patients on a one-to-one basis in their own language.

For a list of designated bilingual clinicians please contact Interpreter Services.

Why do I need an interpreter? I have someone with me who is bilingual.

Our highly skilled interpreters are specially trained in medical terminology and work closely with our doctors, nurses and staff as members of a team. Hospital regulations require the use of qualified interpreters in the delivery of health care. These procedures are in place to protect your rights.

Our trained interpreters ensure that critical medical information is conveyed accurately and clearly. Our interpreters help explain medical concepts and understand cultural differences.

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