Alzheimer's Disease & Memory Disorders Center in the News

  • Health Check: Registry for Alzheimer's Disease
    WJAR-NBC 10 5/1/18

  • Rhode Island Hospital joins national Alzheimer’s disease imaging study
    Providence Business News 12/15/17

  • Five things to know about Alzheimer's disease.
    Living - A Lifespan Blog 9/21/17

  • Rhode Island-based researchers are on a mission to delay onset of Alzheimer’s disease. 
    Providence Business News 5/19/17
  • Effectiveness of yoga in treating major depression evaluated.
    Science Daily 5/8/17
  • Health Check: Preventing the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.
    WJAR-TV 4/24/17

  • Five questions with Dr. Brian R. Ott.
    Providence Business News 4/24/17

  • Rhode Island Hospital seeks volunteers for new approach to battle Alzheimer’s.
    Providence Business News 4/3/17

  • PCSK9 inhibitor evolocumab not associated with decline in memory or cognitive function.
    Medical XPress 3/19/17 

  • Lifespan has a lab to help families determine whether their loved ones with a memory disorder should be driving.
    Rhode Island Public Radio 12/15/16

  • Many people are living longer, and that means more older drivers are behind the wheel. Dr. Brian R. Ott explains the related safety concerns.
    Living - A Lifespan Blog 12/6/16
  • How to tell the difference between the normal signs of aging and the early stages of an illness.
    Rhode Island Public Radio 11/24/16
  • Alzheimer's: Eye test may predict if you'll develop the disease, research suggests.
    Australian Broadcasting Corporation News 11/10/16
  • New study will evaluate potential treatment for frontotemporal dementia.
    Providence Business News 10/17/16
  • Alzheimer’s clinical trial reaches halfway mark for enrollment.
    Providence Business News 5/9/16
  • Eye scan may detect early signs of Alzheimer's disease.
    Live Science 5/5/16
  • Telephone support can help reduce the symptoms of depression among caregivers.
    Lifespan News  5/5/16
  • Lori Daiello explains why it's important to understand the medications you take, and how you can take a more active role in protecting your health.
    TEDx 3/7/16
  • Rhode Island Hospital is recruiting people with mild cognitive disorder to study whether yoga and healthy living strategies can improve their condition.
    Lifespan News 3/4/16
  • Rhode Island Hospital studying yoga’s role in slowing brain decline.
    Providence Business News 3/4/16
  • When is the appropriate time for drivers with cognitive impairment to cease driving? A Lifespan team is undertaking a three-year study.
    Providence Journal 1/30/16
  • Health Check: Detangling Alzheimer's disease.
    WJAR-TV 9/18/15
  • Health Check: Diabetes, Alzheimer's connection.
    WJAR-TV 9/16/15
  • Do statins cause cognitive decline? New evidence, new conclusions.
    Neurology Today 2/5/15
  • Study: Statin warnings may have been premature.
    Providence Business News 1/19/15
  • Dr. Ott has found through research there is no link between statin use and changes in cognition.
    Lifespan News 1/15/15
  • Rhode Island Hospital study finds telephone support program benefits caregivers of those with dementia.
    Lifespan News 7/31/14

  • Recruiting for Alzheimer’s disease clinical trial: a Q&A with Dr. Brian R. Ott.
    Lifespan Interview 6/13/14
    Lifespan News 6/11/14
  • Rhode Island Hospital Study Finds Medicare Patients With Dementia Nearly 20 Percent More Likely To Be Readmitted Within 30 Days Of Discharge.
    Lifescience 4/30/14

  • Rhode Island medical researcher on verge of promising breakthrough in treating Alzheimer’s.
    Convergence RI 3/17/14

  • Vaccine trials and other therapies to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.
    Lifespan News 1/4/13
  • Health Check: Older drivers with memory loss.
    WJAR-TV 12/23/12
  • Is Alzheimers type-3 Diabetes?
    New York Times 9/25/12
  • Health Check: Alzheimer's disease registry.
    WJAR-TV 9/25/12
  • Rhode Island Alzheimer’s registry launched.
    Providence Business News 9/1/12
  • Lifespan is taking part in a groundbreaking study on Alzheimer’s disease. 6/28/11