Pediatric Respiratory and Immunology Center
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Meet the Respiratory and Immunology Center Team

About Our Team

Our Pediatric Respiratory and Immunology Center team works with patients and their families to provide comprehensive, individualized treatment and education that will help them manage the child’s illness and increase their well-being.

The team includes physician specialists, nurse practitioners, and staff nurses who are nationally certified asthma educators. Meet our specialists below. 

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For more information or to make an appointment, please call 401-444-6540

Please feel free to call our office before your child's appointment if you have any questions.


Marcella R. Aquino, MD Headshot

Marcella R. Aquino, MD

Pediatric Allergist/Immunologist

Tao Zheng, MD Headshot

Tao Zheng, MD

Allergist and Clinical Immunologist, Pediatrics and Internal Medicine



Cynthia A. Esteban, NP, MSN, MPH Headshot

Cynthia A. Esteban, NP, MSN, MPH

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

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Marissa Middleton, RN

Default Photo

Jenna Volpe, RN

Camille White, RN Headshot

Camille White, RN

Pediatric Pulmonology Clinic Coordinator and Asthma Educator; Registry Research

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Kristina Travers

Nurse Manager

Respiratory Therapists

Child Life

Karen Swartz, CCLS, CEIM Headshot

Karen Swartz, CCLS, CEIM

Child Life Specialist


Stephanie Marchand, PhD, RD, LDN, CLC Headshot

Stephanie Marchand, PhD, RD, LDN, CLC

Registered Dietitian

Academic Coordinator

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Joanne Aguiar

Academic Coordinator

Asthma Educator

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Elizabeth Derderian

Asthma educator