Comprehensive Stroke Center
Rhode Island Hospital

Our Neurosciences Inpatient Unit

Rhode Island Hospital is home to a unique 20-bed inpatient center dedicated to neurological care, including stroke. 

In the event of a stroke, every minute counts, and the skilled and personal attention our patients receive give them the best start on their journey back to health.

The first days after a stroke are stressful and confusing. This unit is expressly designed to help patients and caregivers navigate those first difficult steps toward recovery. Our staff is specially trained and certified to work with stroke patients, and the unit is equipped with the most advanced technology for stroke care.

This unit offers:

  • Stroke-trained and certified nursing staff. The specialized care offered by our nursing staff is unique in the region; all members receive targeted training in the care of stroke patients and the complicating factors often associated with stroke.

  • Low staff-to-patient ratio. Each of our stroke-trained nurses follows approximately five patients, only half as many as on a regular unit, giving them more time to focus on each patient.

  • Thorough stroke education. Our nursing staff begins stroke education with patients and caregivers immediately upon admission. We also provide extensive educational materials to take home when patients leave the unit.

  • The most advanced technology. Our rooms are equipped with telemetry units and fiber optic cabling, allowing staff to remotely monitor patient heart rhythms. We also have the ability to perform ultrasound testing for blocked arteries right at the patient’s bedside, and to administer a thrombolytic (a clot buster for stroke) in patient rooms.

As the state’s only comprehensive stroke center located within a Level I trauma center, Rhode Island Hospital is uniquely qualified to provide this advanced clinical care to acute stroke patients. We are highly experienced in stroke care. Currently, we treat more than 1,700 adult and geriatric patients with suspected transient ischemic attack or stroke annually in Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts.

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