Lifespan Cancer Institute

Cancer Data Registry

The Oncology Data Management Department (Cancer Registry) is an essential component of the Lifespan Cancer Institute at Rhode Island Hospital, The Miriam Hospital and Newport Hospital. The Cancer Registry maintains a computerized data system which collects, manages and analyzes information on patients that are diagnosed and/or treated at Lifespan Cancer Institute. Information on cancer site, stage, histology, treatment, survival, and epidemiological characteristics is collected and maintained in accordance with the Commission on Cancer quality and confidentiality standards.

Contact the LCI Cancer Registry.

Contact the Cancer Registry

For more information about the cancer registry and the Lifespan Cancer Institute, please contact:

Tara Szymanski, CTR
Manager, Quality, Accreditations and Data Management

Phone: 401-444-5498

The information contained in the database is provided to our researchers, administrators, and clinicians to assist with grant applications, research initiatives, administrative planning, and clinical outcome measurement activities. 

The Cancer Registry reports new cases of cancer to the Rhode Island State Cancer Registry on a monthly basis, as mandated by the rules and regulations of the Department of Health, State of Rhode Island. In addition to state reporting, the Cancer Registry also participates in the Commission on Cancer, National Cancer Data Base (NCDB) annual Call for Data. The NCDB is a nationwide oncology database which collects data items required by the Commission on Cancer Approvals Program. This data allows comparative analysis with other hospitals of similar size and organization, enabling hospitals to evaluate the quality of care provided to cancer patients. 

The database maintained by the Cancer Registry has proven to be a valuable component of the hospital’s Commission on Cancer Approved Program since 1992.