Outpatient Rehabilitation Services

Amputee Recovery

Our amputee rehabilitation specialists understand the challenging recovery patients face after losing a limb. We work closely with each patient to help restore strength, balance, function, and mobility with a goal of building an independent and rewarding life. We train individuals to use a prosthesis with confidence and comfort so that they can avoid complications.

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Lifespan offers comprehensive, expert care for all rehabilitative needs related to limb loss, including:

  • pre-operative consultation in cases of elective amputation
  • acute post-operative care in our inpatient hospital and inpatient rehabilitation unit
  • pre-prosthetic residual limb management, strengthening, and treatment for phantom pain (a sensation of pain in the missing limb)
  • training in using a prosthetic (including gait, mobility, and balance), building endurance, activities of daily living, and prosthetic care
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At every stage of recovery, our goal is to help patients maximize their functional independence and develop the strength and confidence to become a proficient prosthetic user. Our professionals work in close collaboration with your physicians and prosthetist to ensure that your prosthesis meets your needs and that you receive the training to use it successfully.

Prosthetics Clinic

The interdisciplinary prosthetics clinic is led by a Lifespan physiatrist teamed with a physical therapist or occupational therapist and a certified prosthetist. We evaluate and consult with patients to develop a plan to maximize function after limb loss, monitor progress, and address issues as they arise.

The individualized, comprehensive care plan for each patient includes physical and occupational therapy, prosthetic fitting, and referrals to other physicians and specialized services.

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