Outpatient Rehabilitation Treatment Methods

A rehabilitation therapist checks a patient's leg.


Audiology is a field of clinical practice devoted to hearing disorders, assessment of hearing, hearing conservation, and aural rehabilitation.

Audiologists assess hearing loss and fit hearing aids. They are trained and certified to perform other evaluations and treatments such as for balance disorders.

At Lifespan, we help patients hear and communicate through the services of our Cochlear Implant Program and Hearing Aid/Assistive Device Dispensing Program.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists provide a broad range of services, including teaching self-care adaptations; remediating upper extremity dysfunction; and implementing splints or orthotics for appropriate positioning, healing and functional use. They provide treatment to individuals who have orthopedic and neurological/cognitive dysfunction, which could include stroke patients or persons who have Parkinson’s disease.

Occupational therapists may help patients adapt to new ways of carrying out tasks of everyday life, such as getting into a car from a wheelchair, eating using a non-dominant hand, negotiating stairs, and reaching into cupboards for dishes. They also assess an injured employee’s capacity to return to work.

Our occupational therapists are devoted to helping patients lead independent, productive, and satisfying lives both at home and at work.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapists expertly evaluate your movement system to create a customized and integrated plan of care. They use treatment techniques to promote the ability to move, to reduce pain, to relieve edema, to restore function, and to prevent disability. For example, physical therapists work with total joint replacement patients during recovery to help them gain strength and increase their range of motion, and with patients who are dealing with lymphedema following surgery or radiation to manage their condition.

Our program uses the latest equipment available, including assistive devices, Biodex Balance Master, BTE work simulator, stationary bikes, treadmills, ultrasound, electrical stimulation and thermal modalities, weights, and much more. 

We also offer specialty programs including Aquatic Physical Therapy and Dry Needling.

Speech Language Pathology

Speech-language pathologists assess, diagnose and treat oral motor, swallowing, cognitive-linguistic, speech, fluency/stuttering, voice and language disorders. Clinical examination, instrumental technology and standardized assessments are used to diagnose disorders and create treatment plans tailored to the patient’s needs.

Speech-language therapy benefits patients who have suffered a stroke, brain injury, head and neck cancer, or who have neuromuscular disorders. We provide therapy for adult stutterers as well as accent modification.

Rehabilitation for Children

The Children's Rehabilitation Center at Lifespan offers multidisciplinary occupational and physical therapy services, audiology, speech language pathology and neurological consultation to children and adolescents who have physical, developmental, behavioral, and sensory motor challenges; have been injured; or have other medical needs. In addition, our centers in Providence, East Greenwich, Lincoln and Central Falls offer specialty services suited to a pediatric patient’s needs.

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