Delayed or Absent Ejaculation

What is it?

This is when a man cannot ejaculate even with a firm erection and sufficient sexual arousal and stimulation. This problem leads to emotional distress by one or both partners.

Am I at risk?

It is estimated that up to 4% of men may suffer from delayed or absent ejaculation. It can be a lifelong problem or related to a specific situation. Common medications have been associated with this condition like medications to treat depression, anxiety and high blood pressure. Use of alcohol or other recreational drugs is also a common cause.

How is it evaluated?

A thorough medical, surgical and psychological history are important. A review of current medications will also be done. A neurologic examination, psychologic evaluation and evaluation by a urologist are often recommended.

How is delayed or absent ejaculation treated?

The doctor may recommend changes to your medications, and the use of alcohol and recreational drugs should be limited. Specific underlying medical conditions should be treated, and individual and couples psychotherapy is helpful. Couples concerned about having children may also consult with a fertility expert.

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