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Once you have received instruction from a qualified health care professional at your doctor’s office, you may give yourself therapeutic injections according to their guidance.

Here are important points to keep in mind:

  • These videos and written instructions are for the use of current patients of the Men’s Health Center in Providence, Rhode Island.
  • Give yourself an injection only if your physician has instructed you to.
  • Use the only prescribed dose, and only at the correct interval.
  • Do not adjust your treatment without consulting your prescriber.
  • Be careful to keep the medication bottle and all materials you are using as clean and germ-free as possible.
  • Please call your doctor at 401-793-4636 if you have questions about your treatment, or if you have pain, bleeding, signs of infection, or any other complication.

Intra-Muscular Testosterone Cypionate Self-Injections

Please download and read the printed instructions and watch the entire video before proceeding.

Step 1: Download the instructions

Step 2: Watch the video