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Erectile Dysfunction After Prostate Surgery (Penile Rehabilitation)

Loss of sexual function after prostate surgery is common (studies suggest up to 90% or more of men will experience post-surgical ED).  The sudden loss of sexual function has a tremendous emotional impact on individuals and couples. Participation in a comprehensive rehabilitation program to restore function and address the emotional needs of men and their partners helps to speed recovery and improve quality of life.  

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What does penile rehabilitation involve?

A penile rehabilitation program addresses the physical, psychological and social factors that influence sexual performance. Treatment is focused on maintaining circulation and healthy tissue in the penis while the body is recovering from the effects of surgery.  Patients will have a thorough psychological assessment and will receive treatment with oral medications, medications inserted into the urethra to promote circulation, and a vacuum erection device to maintain elasticity of tissue. Men may seek out other specific treatments for ED while they are participating in the rehabilitation program.

Are there other considerations with penile rehabilitation?

Urinary incontinence is also common after prostate surgery.  It can be embarrassing and have a tremendous adverse effect on quality of life and self esteem.  The physical therapists at Men’s Health have specialized training to help men recover bladder control and improve their quality of life.  They deliver expert care and put men at ease with their professional and caring approach.