Peyronie's Disease

What is it?

In this condition scar tissue (“plaques”) form along the sheath that contains the erectile tissue within the shaft of the penis. These plaques can cause pain and a curve to the erect penis and may interfere with the ability to penetrate during intercourse.

Am I at risk?

It is estimated that up to 9% of men are affected by Peyronie’s Disease. This condition can occur at any age and is more common in middle aged men. Peyronie’s disease may run in families, and there is an association with nodules that form along the tendons in the hands (Dupuytren’s contracture). Often there is a history of an injury to the penis which may be sustained during normal intercourse.

How is it evaluated?

A thorough history and physical examination is usually sufficient to make the diagnosis. Pictures of the erect penis to assess the degree of curvature are helpful.

How is it treated?

Treatment includes oral medications, injectable medications and surgical correction.

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