Bradley Hospital
Leaders in mental health care for children for 90 years

Bradley Hospital 2020 Honor Roll of Supporters

Bradley Hospital Foundation is proud to recognize its generous supporters whose philanthropy enables Bradley Hospital to provide expert, family-focused care to children and adolescents with psychological, developmental, and behavioral problems, through a wide range of inpatient, outpatient, residential and partial hospital programs. Many thanks for your generosity!   We apologize in advance for any names inadvertently omitted. To notify us of an omission, please contact a development team member at 401-432-1451.

$250,000 +

The Champlin Foundation

The Manton Foundation

Rhode Island Foundation

$50,000 – $99,999

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Dowling III

Carol A. Peterson

The Edward J. and Virginia M. Routhier Foundation

Shriners of Rhode Island Charities Trust

Shivan and Jyothi Subramaniam

$25,000 – $49,999

Susan O. and David A. Brown

CharterCARE Foundation

CVS Health Charity Classic

Donald and Catherine Marron Charitable Trust

Sidney E. Frank Foundation

Ocean State Job Lot Charitable Foundation

Providence Journal Charitable Legacy Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Roger C. Rumsey

Henry T. Sachs III, MD and Teresa A. Van Buren, MD

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred J. Verrecchia and The Verrecchia Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Wall

$10,000 – $24,999

Amica Companies Foundation

Victor and Gussie Baxt Fund

Everett F. Boyden Trust, Bank of America, Trustee

Elizabeth and Joseph Brito, Jr.

Trust of Rena Burney

Bill and Tina Carr

FM Global Foundation

Mehdi and Rosemary Khosrovani

Morgan Stanley

Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Murphy

New England Medical Design, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy M. O'Neil

Piccoli Family Trust

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Piccoli, II

Charles Stuart Smith Fund

$5,000 – $9,999

Adler Pollock & Sheehan, PC

Cathy L. Andreozzi

Mark Baribeau and Cynthia Barnhart

Mary A. Carskadon, PhD

Chase Family Foundation

Cox Business

CVS Health

The ELMS Foundation


Mr. and Mrs. Larry M. Goldstein

Rick and Marcy Granoff

Hasbro, Inc.

Diane M. Hunter and Manuel J. Irujo

Ida Ballou Littlefield Memorial Trust

Dr. and Mrs. Brian Miller

The Murray Family Charitable Foundation

Northeast Investment Group

Richard M. Smith, MD and Kathryn D. McGowan, MD

Taco, Incorporated

TRAC Builders

Mary Ann Weiler

$2,500 – $4,999

Aetna Bridge Company


Mr. and Mrs. Buell J. Carter, Jr.

Columbus Door Company

Mr. and Mrs. Kim G. Davis

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Dowling, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Edwards, II

Bobby Farnham

Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Kilmartin

Kelly and Bernie Lambrese

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Levy

Stephen and Daphne Meredith

Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island

Rhode Island Medical Imaging, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. David Turchetta

Margaret Vendituoli Ferreira

Harold Winstead Charitable Trust

$1,000 – $2,499

Thomas F. Anders, MD and Constance M. Bowe, MD

Anonymous (2)

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ayerle

Bailey's Team for Autism

Christina J. Bellanti, PhD

Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Beretta, Jr.

Michael and Liz Beretta Perik

Larry K. Brown, MD

Mr. and Mrs. Kalman E. Buchovecky

Carva Donuts, LLC

Paul and Elizabeth Choquette

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Colmore

Deborah and Justino Coppola

Denise Dangremond

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. David

Edythe M. De Marco and Tom Byrne*

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Dowdle

Facebook Fundraisers

Mr. and Mrs. Philip L. Fitting

Jennifer E. Forbes

Fred J. Franklin

Gregory K. Fritz, MD and Nancy Fritz

George A. & Evelyn M. lngleby Fund

Almon and Suzanne Hall

The Hibbitt Family Fund

Jeffrey Hirsh

Karyn Horowitz, MD and Michael Robbins, PhD

Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Horowitz

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hoskins

Mr. and Mrs. William Huggins

Jeffrey I. Hunt, MD and Cheryl Flynn, MD

Diane M. Hunter and Manuel J. Irujo

Joyce M. Jablonski

Mary Reineman, Paul V. Kappel, Beazie and Sophie

Martin Kenner

The Koffler Bornstein Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Scott B. Laurans


Stacey MacDonald

Mr. and Mrs. Ira C. Magaziner

Dorothy and Norman E. McCulloch, Jr.* Trustees of the McAdams Charitable Foundation

Mental Health Association of RI

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Metzger

Mr. and Mrs. Calvin F. Miller

Mr. and Mrs. William O'Dell

Pepsi Beverage Company

Gary J. and Maria S. Regan

Dr. and Mrs. Charles M. Riotto

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur S. Robbins

John Robitaille and Lynda F. Adams Robitaille

Amy B. Ross

Lawrence B. and Joan Sadwin

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher P. Salvadore

Jacqueline M. Savoie and F. Dennis McCool, MD

The Honorable and Mrs. Bruce M. Selya

Anne Morton Smith and Bruce F. Gratz

Paul Sousa

Deborah M. Tate

Ronni L. Ward

Kenneth W. Washburn

Mr. and Mrs. John Hazen White, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Barry M. Williams

$500 – $999

A 1 Paving, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Case

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel N. Chase

Aamad Chaudhrey

Ann Cosme

Delta Dental of Rhode Island

Lynne Barry Dolan

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Feinstein

Patricia A. Flam

Marie George

Michele B. Gessman

Peter J. Gillen, PsyD and Malini C. Gillen, MD

Apurv Gupta, MD

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Hutzler

Steven Lampert, MD and Anita Feins, MD

David P. Lichtenstein, PhD and Rebecca B. Silver

Chip and Jozy Mainelli

Dr. and Mrs. Terrence R. McWilliams

Reverend Eugene T. Dyszlewski and Margaret R. Paccione Dyszlewski, PhD

Paul and Eleanor Pierannunzi

Mr. and Mrs. Joao Resendes

Mr. and Mrs. Angus K. Ross

Studio B Salon

Mr. and Mrs. Darik M. Volpa

Brian Williams and Family

$250 – $499

Peter Albertsen

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Andreozzi

Elizabeth J. Beretta

Linda Bonder

Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Caron

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Castonguay

Century 21 Butterman and Kryston

Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Chew

Cheryl Cohen

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory H. De Pardo

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Desilets, Jr.

Susan Dickstein, PhD and Anthony J. Saccone

Kathleen R. Donise, MD

Eliot Rose Wealth Management

The Estee Lauder Companies

Norma A. Faraone Ledgard, PhD

Nelson M. Ferreira

Jessica N. Foley

Mrs. Marjorie N. Frackelton

Karen A. Franko

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander J. Freda

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Grant

Mr. and Ms. Patrick Hester

Horacio Hojman, MD and Natalia Golova, MD

Felicia M. Lariviere

Tome Andrade and Julie K. Lohr Andrade

Veronica L. Marchak

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Norris

Michele Paliotta

Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Pryor

Mr. and Mrs. Adam Ramos

Russell M. and Karen A. Raposa

Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Ricci, II

Mr. and Mrs. John Ruscito

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sanchez

Stephen M. Senteio

Shri Studio & Service Corps

Gerald M. Tarnoff, MD and Jacquelyn Tarnoff

Melisa A. Verrecchia and Andrew J. Marr

$100 – $249

Paul J. Adler and Lori Basilico

Patty and Melvin G. Alperin Family Fund

Lacey Amaro

AmazonSmile Foundation

Aurora Civic Association

Barbara J. Austin

Barbara J. Bastow and Margaret G. McHale

Mr. and Mrs. Oliver H. Bennett

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd F. Benson

Elizabeth H. Brannan, MD

Ellen H. Bridges

Heather L. Brightman

Clifford Bromberg, PhD

Jennifer L. Burwell

Mr. and Mrs. David C. Calusdian

Karen T. Cammuso, PhD and Clarke Greene

Laura Carleu

Carol Clark

Joseph A. Colapietro

Marlene Cutitar, MD and Donald Acevedo

DaRocha's Landscape Services, Ltd

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph T. Della Rosa

Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. DeLuca

Karaleigh Desmond

Linda Dorsey

Heather A. Dubois

Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Dwares

Mr. and Mrs. Juan Carlos Espinal

Malcolm Farmer, III

Jane E. Fleury

Barbara Garabedian

Jennifer Girard

Stephen E. Glinick, MD and Elizabeth A. Welch, MD

Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Goldberg

Joyce R. Greene

Nancy L. Hampton Beeley

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Harrison

Pamela A. Harrop, MD and Marilyn J. Weigner, MD

Jeff Healey

Bonnie Heilig Muller

Orlando Hernandez

Anne L. Humphrey

Michelle Ireland

Mr. and Mrs. Hilton M. Jervey

The Kane Barrengos Foundation

Jack M. Standish and Janice F. Kauffman

Robert G. Kraus

Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. LaCanfora

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Lacey

Frank Latina

Monica A. Leandre

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry A. Lema

Paul Y. Liu, MD and SallyAnne Lund, MD

Elizabeth A. Lowenhaupt, MD

Mr. and Mrs. Tod E. Luginbuhl

Tony Marciano

Marilyn A. Matzko, EdD

McAllister Towing of Narragansett Bay, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Walter T. McCormick

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Mee

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Mercurio, Jr.

The Mihalko Family

Stacey and Eugene Mihaly

Ann E. Miller

Jana L. Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Henry S. Monti

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Nelson

Mr. and Mrs. David P. Noren

Melissa A. Nunez

Robert P. O'Connell

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Palazzi

Suzanne Palinski, MD

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon L. Parker, Jr.

Barbara F. Paroline

Amanda Pelletier

Mr. and Mrs. James W. F. Pelletier

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph V. Penn

Patricia A. Perry

Pocasset PTO Pocasset School

Lori A. Quinn and David L. Stem

Jean L. Rahill

Beverly Waldman Rich and Harlan G. Rich, MD

Michelle L. Rickerby, MD and David G. Rickerby

Barbara H. Roberts, MD and Joseph Avarista

Gardner E. Rogers

John P. Rufo

Ruggieri Brothers, Inc.

The Alexander and Celia F. Rumpler Fund

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Ryan

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas C. Rynda

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Scalisi

Mr. and Mrs. Dane Selke

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Selle

Mr. and Mrs. Harold H. Shaw, Jr.

Daniel J. Shea, II

Sandra C. Silva

Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Silverman

Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Smith

Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Spirito

Mr. and Mrs. Barry J. Sutcliffe

Howard G. and Kimberly Sutton

David W. Taft

Mr. and Mrs. Marty C. Tatum

Tiverton Middle School

Mamie and Rich Wakefield

Mary B. Wall

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Walsh, Sr.

Joe Welch

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Weldon

Laureen L. White Taricani

Juliann G. Wiezalis

Susan K. Winterbottom Shadday