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The Miriam Hospital’s Men’s Health Center is introducing a new exercise program that is open to all: Walk with a Doc. While you walk at your own pace, you will have the opportunity to talk to the leader of Walk with a Doc’s Providence chapter.

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Here are some answers to a few questions about the program.

What Do You Want People to Know about the Walk with a Doc Program?

The Walk-with-a-Doc program is a free and fun way to stay healthy and get to know your health care provider outside of a medical setting. The program is open to everyone - patients, staff, family, friends and community members. The walk begins with a brief presentation about a health topic, and then everyone walks at their own pace. Walkers of every fitness level are welcome. People are more likely to stick with an exercise program if they do it with a partner or group, and this program allows people to stay connected with other walkers.

Why Did the Miriam Hospital’s Men’s Health Center Decide to Sponsor the Program?

Patients at our center present with problems – like low testosterone and erectile dysfunction – that are related to metabolic syndrome, and those patients are often at increased risk for cardiovascular disease. Their treatment plan involves making healthy lifestyle changes, and Walk with a Doc provides a fun and easy way for them to get started with an exercise program and improve their overall health. 

How Did You Get into Walk with a Doc?

I was introduced to the program through the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. They are leading the way with innovation in the field of lifestyle medicine, and Walk with a Doc is a program they endorse. The program is also endorsed by the U.S. Surgeon General and by the Director General of the World Health Organization.

Why Did You Decide to Champion the Cause in Providence?

I am working with a group of medical students at Brown University who are forming a lifestyle medicine interest group. They are working to incorporate lifestyle medicine into the medical school curriculum, and the walking group is our first initiative. We are the first chapter of the Walk-with-a-Doc program in Rhode Island.

What Do You Have to Say to Those Who Might Not Think Walking Will Do That Much Good?

Walking is one of the most powerful tools to improve overall health. Walking will boost energy, improve mood, and relieve stress. It lowers risk for diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer; and walking for just one hour can add two hours to your life.

Walk with a Doc

Walk with a Doc Now In Its Third Year in Rhode Island

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