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walk with a doc

Step into a Healthier Lifestyle

On the first and third Saturdays of every month at 9 a.m., join us for a community walk at Lippitt Memorial Park.

For more information call 401-793-4636.

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Mark Paulos, MD
Mark Paulos, MD

The Miriam Hospital’s Men’s Health Center is introducing a new exercise program that is open to all. On the first and third Saturdays of every month beginning at 9 a.m., Walk with a Doc holds community walks at Lippitt Park. While you walk at your own pace, you will have the opportunity to talk to Mark R. Paulos, MD, the leader of Walk with a Doc’s Providence chapter.

Dr. Paulos answered a few questions about the program.

What Do You Want People to Know about the Walk with a Doc Program?

The Walk with a Doc program is meant to be a fun way to stay healthy and to get to know your health care provider outside of a medical setting. The program is open to everyone—patients, staff, family, friends, and walkers of all fitness levels. People are more inclined to stick to an exercise program if they are doing it with a group, and this program allows you to make connections with other walkers.

Why Did the Miriam Hospital’s Men’s Health Center Decide to Sponsor the Program?

Men who present with changes in their sexual health, such as low testosterone or erectile dysfunction, or have problems because of a change in metabolism are at a higher risk for cardiovascular disease. Part of treatment involves making healthy lifestyle changes and reducing cardiovascular risk. The Miriam Hospital’s Men’s Health Center wanted to introduce a program for patients to get more physical activity, to help lower their risk and improve overall health.

How Did You Get into Walk with a Doc?

I am a member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. They endorse the program, and a group of medical students at Brown University are part of a lifestyle medicine interest group and are working on cornerstone projects within that field.

Why Did You Decide to Champion the Cause in Providence?

There is a growing interest in lifestyle medicine, particularly in students who are starting their medical training. I’d like to bring more of an emphasis to lifestyle medicine not only within our practice, but across the Lifespan system and to Brown medical school.

What Do You Have to Say to Those Who Might Not Think Walking Will Do That Much Good?

Walking is an effective and low-impact exercise perfect for patients with orthopedic ailments or heart conditions. Walking has been linked to improving metabolism, lowering cardiovascular and cancer risks, boosting your immune system and extending life.

For more information, visit https://walkwithadoc.org/our-locations/providence-ri/ or call 401-793-4636.

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