Psychiatry and Behavioral Health Services

Clinical Leadership

Jody A. Underwood, MD Headshot

Jody A. Underwood, MD

Psychiatrist-in-Chief, Rhode Island Hospital, The Miriam Hospital, Newport Hospital and Lifespan Physician Group

Arnaldo A. Berges, MD Headshot

Arnaldo A. Berges, MD

Assistant Chief of Psychiatry, Rhode Island Hospital; Director, Adult Inpatient Psychiatry, Rhode Island Hospital

Laura A. Stanton, MD Headshot

Laura A. Stanton, MD

Assistant Chief of Psychiatry, The Miriam Hospital; Director of Adult Psychiatry Integrated Care

Jeffrey M. Burock, MD Headshot

Jeffrey M. Burock, MD

Director of Psychiatry, The Miriam Hospital

Kristy Dalrymple, PhD Headshot

Kristy Dalrymple, PhD

Director, Adult Psychology

Christine Greenia, MD Headshot

Christine Greenia, MD

Chair, Psychiatry at Newport Hospital; Director, Newport Lifespan Physician Group, Adult Psychiatry and Behavioral Health

Christopher Matkovic, MD Headshot

Christopher Matkovic, MD

Director of Adult Psychiatry Emergency Services and the Division of Correctional Psychiatry

Lisa Shea, MD Headshot

Lisa Shea, MD

Director of Quality, Adult Psychiatry Services at Lifespan