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Our Total Joint Center Team

The Total Joint Center is proud to have some of the most well-respected and skilled physicians in the field of orthopedics. The physicians and staff not only work to give the best care, but also the best possible recovery.
Medical clinicians in an operating room.

Why Is Fellowship Training Important?

The doctors and surgeons of the Total Joint Center at The Miriam Hospital are among the most experienced and well-trained in the world, with focused and advanced clinical skills.

What does it mean to be fellowship trained?

The Total Joint Center Team

John A. Froehlich, MD Headshot

John A. Froehlich, MD

Program Director, Total Joint Center

Roy K. Aaron, MD Headshot

Roy K. Aaron, MD

Director of Research, Total Joint Center

Valentin Antoci, MD, PhD Headshot

Valentin Antoci, MD, PhD

Medical Director, Newport Hospital Total Joint Replacement Program

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Michel A. Arcand, MD

Thomas Barrett, MD Headshot

Thomas Barrett, MD

Total Joint Surgeon

Eric M. Cohen, MD Headshot

Eric M. Cohen, MD

Total Joint Surgeon

Jack D. Goldstein, MD Headshot

Jack D. Goldstein, MD

Sports Medicine Surgeon

Andrew Green, MD Headshot

Andrew Green, MD

Chief, Division of Shoulder and Elbow, Rhode Island Hospital

Derek R. Jenkins, MD Headshot

Derek R. Jenkins, MD

Total Joint Surgeon

Roald J. Llado, MD Headshot

Roald J. Llado, MD

Orthopedic Surgeon

E. Scott Paxton, MD Headshot

E. Scott Paxton, MD

Shoulder and Elbow Surgeon

Richard M. Terek, MD Headshot

Richard M. Terek, MD

Chief of Musculoskeletal Oncology, Rhode Island Hospital, and Total Joint Surgeon

Mriganka Singh, MD Headshot

Mriganka Singh, MD


Aleksa Abreu, NP Headshot

Aleksa Abreu, NP

Nurse Practitioner

Jillian Bruno, PT, DPT, MBA Headshot

Jillian Bruno, PT, DPT, MBA

Program Manager

Lauren E. Scully, BSN, RN, ONC Headshot

Lauren E. Scully, BSN, RN, ONC

Orthopedic Certified Registered Nurse