Information for Providers

Loss Prevention Grant Application

Lifespan Risk Services has been recognizing leaders and change agents in our system by providing funding for innovative efforts through education and research projects for many years. The core purpose of the loss prevention grant fund is to improve quality of care and decrease liability.

Application is open to all Lifespan employees and eligible affiliated physicians. The loss prevention grant fund will award up to a total of $125,000 for all grants funded in policy year (PY) 2024 to 2025.

This year priority will be given to proposals focused on multidisciplinary/multi-departmental/multi-hospital strategies aimed at:

  • Reducing diagnostic/treatment errors, omissions, or delays
  • Care communications/teamwork/escalation of care
  • Professional wellness

The Lifespan Loss Prevention Grant Fund provides a source of funding for projects relating to the following:

  • Quality of care improvement efforts: Liability related to processes and/or systems that impact the way we care for our patients and families.
  • Professional liability (malpractice): Liability incurred as a result of errors in performing professional clinical services. In recognition that practitioner wellness affects professional practice and patient outcomes, grants related to this topic are encouraged.   
  • General liability: Liability related to premises, operations, and products.

Funding Use Restrictions

Funds that are awarded are to be used in the one-year grant fund period and are not intended to cover ongoing operational expenses or to fund permanent positions.

Applications must be submitted no later than Friday, April 26, 2024. 

If you have questions about this form, please contact Christina Gomes-Ferreira at 401-444-8251 or by email at [email protected].

Download and read the Loss Prevention Grant Fund Proposal Application Instructions (PDF)

Applicant Information

Applicant Name
Name of Assistant

Project Information

Proposal Topic

Introduction/Definition of the Problem

Describe the potential loss exposure and why this represents a risk to Lifespan. Include frequency of incident, frequency of claims, cost of past losses and any other relevant data.

Project Description

Explain how funding would be used, what will be accomplished, and the results expected. State the objectives, how they will be monitored; include specific activities that will take place, responsible staff and timelines (not to exceed 12 months).

Baseline Metrics

Please identify current or recent organizational or practice data supporting the need or gap to be addressed by this project. We are most interested in your specific experience but will also consider national data that supports the project.

Anticipated Outcome(s)

Provide a clear statement of outcomes that will be achieved. There must be an identifiable and quantifiable benefit resulting from the grant. Applicants may want to include a chart such as the one below.
Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant Time Bound Data Source Operations
Answer all three questions. 1. What needs to be accomplished? 2. Who is responsible? 3. What are the action steps?
How will success toward meeting the goal be measured?
Are goals realistic and achieved in specified amt of time?
Are goals aligned with task/project?
Goals have a clearly defined timeframe.
Where is data obtained from?


Describe how the work and/or impact will be supported and sustained by the organization after the grant project has concluded. For instance, what strategy will be used to sustain and/or improve on the goals achieved as part of the project, and as applicable, the continued financial support for the work? (This field is required.)

Dissemination of Results

Describe how results from the project will be shared with key stakeholders. For example, plan to raise awareness and understanding or change practice. (This field is required.)


The budget should include any expenses associated with the project, including salary expense by type of position and fringe benefits, itemized costs of consultants, supplies, equipment, etc., where applicable. Show any in-kind resources that you will contribute to the project. If salary expenses are included, clearly describe how continuation will be funded after the grant period.

Acknowledgement Form

  • This senior leadership acknowledgement form  must be completed, signed and returned to Christina Gomes-Ferreira, Manager, Loss Prevention,  [email protected] to complete the grant submission.
  • Please identify any potential support required from any other departments on the senior acknowledgement form. Department vice president signatures acknowledging that department’s ability to support the project is required. 
    • All additional departments participating in the grant must also obtain a signed acknowledgement form from their department/foundation chief, vice president, CMO, or CNO.

IS Support

For all project’s requiring Lifespan IS support, a Lifespan IS Preliminary Project Request Form must be completed. Projects that would require IS support include EPIC enhancement, new device, or new software.

Letters of Support

Letters of support should be addressed to Christina Gomes-Ferreira, Manager, Loss Prevention, at [email protected].


I understand that if awarded a grant and I become aware of any reason that will prevent fulfillment of the project, I will immediately notify Christina Gomes-Ferreira, Manager, Loss Prevention, by email at [email protected] (phone: 401-444-8251).