Information for Providers

Loss Prevention Grant Fund

Grant Program Director:  Marsha Haverly, Director, Loss Prevention
Grant Program Manager:  Christina Gomes-Ferreira, Loss Prevention/Underwriting Specialist
Financial Administrator:  Rick Almeida, Director, Insurance and Business Operations
Process Assistant:  Valerie Till

Lifespan provides malpractice/professional liability coverage for all employees and eligible affiliated physicians through Lifespan Risk Services, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Lifespan Corporation, and RISE (R.I. Sound Enterprises Ins. Co., Ltd.).

Lifespan Risk Services has been recognizing thought leaders and change agents in our system by providing funding for innovative efforts to reduce liability exposure through education and research projects for many years. The core purpose of the Loss Prevention Grant Fund is to decrease liability, while improving quality of care and patient safety. Application for this grant is open to all Lifespan employees and eligible affiliated physicians.

The Lifespan Loss Prevention Grant Fund provides a source of funding for projects relating to the following:

  • Professional liability (malpractice): Liability incurred as a result of errors in performing professional clinical services.  
  • General liability: Liability related to premises, operations and products.
  • Patient Safety efforts: Liability related to processes and/or systems that impact the way we care for our patients.

Funds that are awarded are not intended to cover capital purchases, ongoing operational expenses or to fund permanent positions.  

The Preliminary Review Committee will evaluate all submissions for invitation to submit a full proposal. The Executive Review Committee will review all full proposals and determine grant awards. The Executive Review Committee includes Lifespan senior leadership from Risk Management, Medicine, Nursing and Information Services. Once awards are made, quarterly status reports are required throughout the year.  

Principal investigators are required to complete grant projects within one year from the time funding is provided.

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