Bradley Hasbro Children's Research Center


RI-CART’s mission is to improve the lives of Rhode Islanders with autism spectrum disorders by promoting collaborative, cutting-edge research, improving health care and support services, and providing data-driven education and advocacy.

Key objectives of the group include:

  • Supporting basic, clinical and behavioral research across disciplines and institutions

  • Creating research infrastructure, including a statewide, web-based research registry

  • Improving and expanding diagnostic and treatment methods

  • Informing state and federal policymakers about autism spectrum disorders

Rhode Island is uniquely positioned to serve as leader in autism research, treatment and advocacy. With just over one million residents and 1,000 square miles, Rhode Island is the smallest state in the nation and can be travelled in about an hour. The population is diverse, and the state has a single department of health, children’s hospital and medical school.

These qualities make it easy to:

  • Share cutting-edge equipment and expertise

  • Enroll representative research sample populations  quickly, and study them over time

  • Test and rapidly roll out new ways to improve clinical care

  • Access government and academic leaders to develop new research collaborations and public policies