GENESIS Program at The Miriam
A unique program designed to make seniors feel more comfortable during a stay in the hospital.

Meeting Nutritional Needs

Many older patients have a poor appetite while in the hospital, which puts them at risk for malnutrition, weight loss and dehydration. The GENESIS program has developed guidelines to help patients meet their nutritional needs and avoid the problems caused by poor nutrition.

Common problems caused by poor nutrition:

  • Wounds may heal more slowly or not heal at all
  • Patients may be more susceptible to infections
  • Kidneys may not function properly
  • Decreased ability to fight disease
  • Loss of bone and muscle strength
  • Lengthened hospital stay
  • Increased need for rehabilitation or skilled nursing facility after hospitalization.

The GENESIS Program offers the following guidelines to promote good nutrition:

  • Well-fitting dentures with denture adhesive
  • Eyeglasses readily available
  • Appropriate positioning (upright in chair)
  • Assistance from family in selecting menu
  • Familiar food from home (if not on restricted diet)
  • Companionship while eating to optimize intake

For more information about the GENESIS program, please call 401-793-3162.