Transplant Center
Rhode Island Hospital

Options for Incompatible Pairs

If you do not have a compatible blood type with your potential recipient and no one else has expressed an interest in donating, there are other options. Rhode Island Hospital is now able to help incompatible pairs find a suitable kidney for transplant.

Live Donor Paired Exchange
There may be other couples in the same situation within the Rhode Island Hospital Transplant Center. For example, you may have type A blood and you want to donate to someone who has type B blood. There may be another donor who wishes to donate to their recipient but they have type B blood and their recipient has type A. If this situation occurs the transplant team may notify you that they have a couple with whom you may "swap" kidneys. If there are no possibilities of a swap at that time, you may be placed on a list for future consideration.

For detailed information about this program, please contact the Rhode Island Hospital Transplant Center at 401-444-8562 or 1-888-444-0102.