Transplant Center
Rhode Island Hospital

More Than One Potential Donor?

Some potential kidney recipients are fortunate enough to have more than one family member or friend who comes forward to donate.

All donor candidates must have compatible blood types to move on to the crossmatch. To avoid multiple blood drawings for the recipient, all donors should have the crossmatch completed at the same time. If siblings are being tested, HLA typing will be performed along with the crossmatch.

The crossmatch is a scheduled test that is performed on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays at Rhode Island Hospital. It is helpful to have two possible dates available when requesting an appointment. Arrangements can be made for those who live out of state.

It may take up to one week for the results to be reported. Once the results are reported to the transplant staff, each donor will be notified. All crossmatch results are confidential. Therefore, each donor must share his/her results with the potential recipient.

If more than one donor is a match, several factors come into play to determine who will be the first to continue with the evaluation process, assuming that all potential donors are healthy.

  1. The first factor to consider is the donors' HLA typing. There is a 25% chance a sibling may be a perfect match. If this situation did occur that person would be the preferred candidate.
  2. Otherwise, the decision would be made based on each donor's medical status as well as personal and financial obligations.
  3. The transplant team asks that each person consider the time commitment. There will be a detailed medical evaluation, surgery, a hospital stay, time out of work, time away from family and time for recuperation.

It is suggested that the final decision be made after careful consideration. The transplant team is willing to assist with this process. However, the final decision as to who proceeds first should come from the recipient and potential donors.

Due to insurance/financial purposes, only one donor at a time may proceed with the medical clearance. If for any reason, a donor cannot donate we will proceed with the next potential donor.

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