Annual list includes doctors who practice at Rhode Island, Hasbro Children's, The Miriam and Newport hospitals

Today Lifespan announced that 142 physicians affiliated with its hospitals were among those honored in Rhode Island Monthly’s annual Top Docs list published in the magazine’s May 2022 edition.

The annual recognition highlights physicians from myriad specialties such as neurosurgery, cardiology, gynecological oncology, emergency care and infectious diseases. Those named as "Top Docs" were nominated and voted on by their peers.

“To see Lifespan physicians named in nearly every specialty reflects that Lifespan has a talented team of practitioners in all areas of medicine,” said Lifespan President and CEO Timothy J. Babineau, MD.  “I congratulate the Lifespan ‘Top Docs’ and thank all of our physicians for Delivering health with care.”


Lifespan-affiliated physicians named as top doctors include:

Allergy Immunology

Russell Settipane, MD

Tao Zheng, MD



Kristopher Davignon, MD

Zachary Robbins, MD



Lloyd Feit, MD

Sara Ford, MD

Thomas Lanna, MD

William Levin, MD

Daniel Levine, MD

Kristin Lombardi, MD

Joseph Mazza, MD

Kathleen Rotondo, MD

James Ziegler, MD


Critical Care

Cerardo Carino, MD

Andrew Levinson, MD

Lee Polikoff, MD

Margaret Scheffler, MD

Linda Snelling, MD

Sarah Welsh, MD



Lionel Bercovitch, MD

Robert Dyer, MD

Abrar Qureshi, MD

Leslie Robinson-Bostom, MD


Emergency Medicine

Linda Brown, MD

Gary Bubly, MD

Ilse Jenouri, MD

Frank Overly, MD


Endocrinology, Diabetes, Metabolism

Roberto Ortiz, MD

Jose Bernardo Quintos, MD

Lisa Swartz Topor, MD

Valerie Thomas, MD



Carolina Cerezo, MD

Christy Dibble, MD

Michael Herzlinger, MD

Samir Shah, MD

Jason Shapiro, MD


Geriatric Medicine

Lynn McNicoll, MD

Nadia Mujahid, MD


Gynecologic Oncology

Christina Ann Bandera, MD



James Butera, MD

Salley Pels, MD

John Reagan, MD


Hospice and Palliative Care

Angela Anderson, MD

Dana Guyer, MD

Edward Martin, MD



Brian Alverson, MD

Erica Chung, MD

Daniel Coghlin, MD

Kwame Dapaah-Afriyie, MD

Jeffrey Riese, MD


Infectious Disease

Penelope Dennehy, MD

Erica Hardy, MD

Michael Koster, MD

John Lonks, MD

Leonard Mermel, DO


Internal Medicine

Pamela Harrop, MD

Warren Licht, MD

David Marcoux, MD


Maternal and Fetal Medicine

Stephen Carr, MD


Christopher Cosgrove, MD

Mohammed Faizan, MD

Robin Kremsdorf, MD

Douglas Shemin, MD


Neurodevelopmental Disabilities

Pamela High, MD



Ana Albuja Ponce, MD

Luca Bartolini, MD

Gita Harappanahally, MD

Julie Roth, MD


Neuromuscular Disease

George Sachs, MD


Obstetrics and Gynecology

Michael David Beitle, MD



Bradley DeNardo, MD

Rishi Lulla, MD

Howard Safran, MD

Sundaresan Sambandam, MD

William Sikov, MD



Wendy Chen, MD, PhD

Joseph Ducharme, MD

Francis Figueroa, MD

Melissa Simon, MD



Sharon Gibson, MD

Jan Groblewski, MD

John Tarro, MD



Douglas Anthony, MD, PhD

Christopher Elco, MD


Pediatric General

John Finigan, MD

Robert Griffith, MD

Elizabeth Lange, MD

Alison Riese, MD


Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Claudia Wheeler, DO



Colin Harrington, MD

Emily Katz, MD



Karen Daigle, MD

Walter Donat, MD

Peter Karczmar, MD

Michael Pomerantz, MD


Radiation Oncology

Thomas DiPetrillo, MD

Jaroslaw Hepel, MD

Kathy Radie-Keane, MD



Thaddeus Herliczek, MD

Jeffrey Rogg, MD

David Swenson, MD


Reproductive Endocrinology

Carol Wheeler, MD



Stuart Schwartz, MD

Patricia Soscia, MD

Ali Yalcindag, MD


Sleep Medicine

Richard Millman, MD

Katherine Sharkey, MD, PhD


Sports Medicine

Peter Kriz, MD



Liza Aguiar, MD

Rashmi Licht, MD

Gyan Pareek, MD

Simone Thavaseelan, MD


Breast Cancer Surgery

Marlene Cutitar, MD

Theresa Graves, MD


Cardiotharacic Surgery

James Fingleton, MD


Colon and Rectal Surgery

Adam Klipfel, MD

Leslie Roth, MD

Steven Schechter, MD

Matthew Vrees, MD


General Surgery

David Cloutier, MD

Stephen Migliori, MD

Beth Ann Ryder, MD


Hand Surgery

Edward Akelman, MD

Gregory Austin, MD

Reena Anjali Bhatt, MD

Christopher Got, MD

Julia Katarincic, MD

Arnold-Peter Weiss, MD


Neurological Surgery

Deus Cielo, MD

Curtis Doberstein, MD

Ziya Gokaslan, MD

Petra Klinge, MD, PhD

Adetokunbo Oyelese, MD, PhD


Orthopedic Surgery

Craig Eberson, MD


Pediatric Surgery

Joshua Honeyman, MD

Francois Luks, MD

Elizabeth Renaud, MD


Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Paul Liu, MD

Albert Woo, MD


Surgical Oncology

Thomas Miner, MD


Vascular Surgery

Carla Moreira, MD

Jeffrey Slaiby, MD


Kathleen Hart

Director, Public Relations
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